Chantelle Hucheon on moving to Christchurch to study

Chantelle Hutcheon

2013, this was the year that I moved from Dunedin to Christchurch and to Ara to commence study towards a Nursing degree. My family moved up from Cromwell the year before and I wanted to be close to them, therefore contributing to the choice of Ara.

The first day was a struggle with an overload of information and trying to find the rooms. I remember thinking "where the heck is DLect??" while standing in front of it. Two years on, I no longer have trouble finding DLect! I was nervous because I had just moved to a new city that I had no idea how to navigate around and only really remembered Riccarton from childhood trips, and the daunting fact that I did not know anyone at all.

Since then my time at Ara has been great. I have had the chance to be in the Ara TV advert, and of course meeting a variety of new people who were very welcoming. I am a step closer to achieving the career I applied for and have enjoyed the new experiences of placement and getting to use the facilities such as the Clinical Practice Units to put the theory into practice with other students.