Mathematical Methods 2

Short courses - mathematical methods 2

Gain calculus and related algebraic skills, including differentiating and integrating functions which have powers, and learn how to apply these skills to problems involving maxima and minima, velocity and acceleration, and areas under curves.

This course is especially valuable if you’re preparing to study the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering. As a Level 2 course, you need Level 1 mathematical skills in order to enrol.

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How to apply

To apply for one of our short courses, fill in a paper copy of our application form, available here, then either drop it in to your nearest campus or mail it to us at Enrolment Centre, Ara Institute of Canterbury, PO Box 540, Christchurch Mail Centre.

Learning outcomes

  • Solve equations and rearrange formulae.
  • Carry out metric conversions.
  • Understand the meaning of errors in measurement and give answers to an appropriate level of accuracy.
  • Sketch graphs and suggest equations for commonly used relationships.
  • Determine mathematical relationships for experimental data (including linear, powers and exponential relationships).
  • Use Pythagoras' Theorem and trigonometry to calculate sides and angles of triangles.
  • Convert between radians and degrees.
  • Understand the relationship between indices and logarithms and use these to solve simple indicial and logarithmic equations.
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