Hobby Furniture Making

A photograph of a boy making a wooden step ladder.

In this course you will learn to use woodworking machinery, hand tools and portable tools safely. Within the first six weeks of the course we will supply the timber to make a folding stool followed by a bedside table.

You will be working in our fully equipped workshops and be trained in the safe and effective use of a range of machinery including the radial arm saw, rip saw, dimension saw, buzzer, thicknesser, bobbin sander, disc Sander, band-saw, belt sander, drill press, single borer, dovetailer, table router, portable drill and impact driver.

Following these two projects you will have the skills in place to move on to your own project for the final three weeks using your own timber. Upon completion of this course you may re-enrol to complete projects of your own choice under the guidance of our experienced tutors.

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Learning outcomes

  • Complete basic DIY projects around the home and craft furniture.