Pasifika languages 1 - Gagana Sāmoa

Bachelor of Maori and Indigenous Studies

This 10-hour short course will give you a solid foundation in the basics of Samoan language. On completion you’ll be able to: pronounce components of the language with some confidence; participate in prayer and song; recite your oral presentations/introductions; understand basic protocols; understand and deliver basic greetings, farewells and numbers.

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Learning outcomes

  • Pronounce a Pasifika language with some confidence
  • Participate in tatalo ma pese
  • Recite folasaga
  • Understand basic aganu'u
  • Understand and produce basic greetings, farewells and numbers
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Pasifika languages 2 - Gagana Sāmoa

This intermediate level short course follows on from Gagana Samoa 1 and provides further skills in reading and speaking in Samoan.

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